Deeply Ploughing Agriculture

Global Layout of High-efficiency Aquaculture

Tongwei always adheres to deep-plowing aquacultural products, taking the feed industry as the core and developing all links, including seedling breeding, feed development, and production, animal health, fishery facilities, aquaculture, testing, and processing together, and has established a safe and traceable modern aquacultural product industry chain.

Empowered by Science and Technology

Annual Feed Production Capacity of More Than 10 Million tons

TW Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. operates in all parts of China and Southeast Asia, with an annual feed production capacity of more than 10 million tons. It is a leading aquacultural feed manufacturer and a vital livestock feed manufacturer in the world.
10+ Innovation Platform
TW Agricultural Development has seven major research and development experimental bases and more than ten national and provincial technological innovation platforms, including "National Enterprise Technology Center," "National Accredited Laboratory," "National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Aquaculture Animal Disease Prevention and Control Technology," "Key Laboratory for Aquaculture Livestock Nutrition and Healthy Breeding of the Ministry of Agriculture," "Sichuan Key Laboratory for Aquaculture Healthy Breeding" and "Sichuan Aquaculture Engineering Technology Research Center."
Technology Blessing, Won "National Award" Three Times
Tongwei has won the second prize in National Science and Technology Progress three times, the first prize in the National Agriculture and Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Harvest Award of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs twice, the first prize in the China Agricultural Science and Technology Award of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the first prize of the Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, the second prize of the Sichuan Provincial Patent Award, etc. The annual R&D expenses exceed 100 million yuan.
Strategic support, 10 Major Breeding Varieties
Combining the feed market capacity, product profitability, market development, and catering consumption trends in recent years and integrating Tongwei's advantages and strategic choices, TW Agricultural Development focuses on ten major breeding varieties, including South American white prawns, grass carp, crucian carp, crayfish, California bass, frogs, snakehead, Leiocassis longirostris, yellow-head catfish, etc. It invests more practical resources to grow bigger and stronger. Tongwei feed products have been comprehensively upgraded and improved. Focusing on "maximizing the benefits of breeding," Tongwei has set up universal aquacultural product lines, special aquacultural product lines, and livestock and poultry product lines. Based on the concept of PD (integrated product development), based on complete insight into the market, accurately identify the essential needs of farmers and accurately locate products around each breeding animal.

Promoting the Selection and Breeding of Improved Varieties

Creating an Innovative Brand of Aquacultural Products

Taking Tongwei's high-quality seedling breeding and production standardization base as a carrier, share the advantages of Tongwei's core technology, publicity platform, market network platform, and other advantageous resources. in order to integrate the industry-university-research industry chain for the selection and production of aquacultural varieties in the industry and create a platform for the promotion and innovation of aquacultural varieties.

3 Major Independent IPR

The new breed sells 30 billion shrimp tails annually

1Oreochromis niloticus "Zhongwei No.1"
2siniperca chuatsi: "Huakang No.1"
3Litopenaeus vannamei "Renhai No.1"

Modern Aquaculture Models

Establish an Aquaculture Information System

Scientific planning
Nutrition enhancement
Intelligent detection
Full Service

Intelligent Breeding
"Environmentally friendly, Ecological , Low-carbon"

Tongwei has developed the "Fishery & PV Integration" intelligent facility breeding mode, which includes core technologies such as facility system, breeding mode, intelligent management and control, water purification, and tail water treatment. It has realized the perfect coordination between facility fishery and PV power generation, the active demand of facilities in aquaculture waters, and the direct conversion and application of photothermal energy in aquaculture waters. The overall results have reached the leading international level.
Build A Famous Fishery Brand in China, Realize Industry Chain Supply
The well-known Chinese brand fish made by Tongwei Food - "Tongwei Fish" has achieved complete industry chain management. Tongwei has established a number of high-quality breeding bases across China and deep processing bases for products in Chengdu and Hainan. The processing process strictly implements the ISO standards, HACCP management systems, and FDA certification standards of the European Union and the United States. Each production link has been rigorously tested and controlled to ensure each product's outstanding quality.

4 Major Stages, Continue to Improve "from source to table"

Control the source
Select excellent seedlings and monitor product quality from various aspects such as breeding environment, water quality, and feeding methods.
Healthy cultivating
Establish a standardized management system, rigorously monitor the process of epidemic prevention, drug use, material use, and harmless treatment.
Lean production
Food factory has passed ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification, respectively.
Safe transportation
Every morning, the distribution vehicles transport fresh agricultural products out of the base and send them to the points of sales through fresh-keeping technology to provide consumers with the freshest TW Food every day.
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