Tongwei, which "began from aquaculture, developed in agriculture and animal husbandry, and made a breakthrough in new energy," has created a glorious past in its 40 years of hard work. Tongwei helped make fish accessible to urban and rural residents, devoted to sci-tech innovation to help people get rich through fish farming, realized "intelligent manufacturing" of high purity crystalline silicon in China, led the global solar cell production, and created the development model of "Fishery&PV Integration." With all these milestone records, Tongwei has served the country through the industry. With the continuous development of the dual leading industrial chains of green agriculture and green energy, Tongwei has been committed to developing industry to serve the country. With a high sense of social responsibility, Tongwei builds a win-win pattern and draws a new blueprint for the great cause related to the national economy and people's livelihood.

It has become a global consensus to develop a clean, low-carbon, safe, and efficient modern energy system. An energy revolution centered on green, low-carbon transformation has begun. The green transformation, represented by the electrification of automobiles and energy consumption, as well as the cleanliness of power production, is about to form a trillion-yuan industry in China and a trillion-dollar business worldwide. Amid China's economic structural transformation, Tongwei adapted to economic transformation and upgrading requirements through multi-faceted strategic exploration and layout. With scientific and technological R&D as its fundamental driver of sustainable growth, the company keeps boosting the real sector of its green dual-main business to achieve robust development, getting on a fast track in the mainstream of innovation-driven development.

Looking forward, Tongwei is no longer limited to only pursuing its own sound operation but focuses on food safety and energy transformation on which the future of humankind depends. Tongwei looks forward to more business partners becoming co-producers of safe aquatic products and green energy. Together, we can subtly combine energy transformation, pollution control, and aquaculture production and support the continuous export of ten-million-ton-level safe aquatic products through the modern aquatic industry chain based on an in-depth cooperation consensus with industry players. In this way, we can find a fundamental solution to the current problems of energy security and environmental protection in China and even the world.

With the great vision "for better life," Tongwei expects to work with aspirants to build a "double green future" together, hoping this unique career will help retain green mountains and clear waters, white clouds, and blue sky for future generations.

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