High-purity Crystalline Silicon, Product Quality Assurance

High-purity crystalline silicon material (mono/ploy silicon material)
  • Modified Siemens Method
  • Multiple independent patented technologies
  • Significant increase in single-line production capacity
  • Significant reduction in energy and material consumption
  • Industry Leader in Quality
melting point
boiling point

Material performance

Conductivity type:N-type
Content of bulk metal impurities:<0.5ppbw
Content of surface metal impurities:<0.8ppbw

Circular Economy

Safe and Environmental Friendly

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
White powdery high molecular compound, insoluble in water, gasoline, and ethanol; swelled or dissolved in ether, ketone, chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbon, and aromatic hydrocarbon; strong corrosion resistance and good dielectric performance.
Product Advantages
Suspension DCS Automatic Control Process Production Technology Stable Product Quality
Excellent Parameters Less Crystal Points Good Forming
High Transparency Maintain 100% premium rate for a long time
Carbide slag cement and commercial concrete
Low-carbon, green, environment-friendly, ecological
Product Advantages
Good frost resistance, abrasion resistance, and volume stability
Concrete Batching Workability High Affluence Intensity
Slump loss over time is small, can meet the transportation requirements of different distances
Ion membrane caustic soda
Colorless, transparent, viscous liquid with high corrosivity. It is widely used in cathode material precursors for NEV batteries, PV solar cells, aluminum oxide, viscose fiber, pesticide, medicine, chemical, papermaking, printing, and dyeing industries.
Product Advantages
Excellent performance Stable Quality Food Packaging Grade Meet the environmental requirements for PVC of the European Union
Less crystal points, good molding, high transparancy. It is the first choice for heat shrinkable film material
It does not contain any harmful substances specified in the list of 10 toxic substances in the ROHS of the European Union and Chinese national standards
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