Green Energy Industry Chain

Tongwei entered the market of photovoltaics (PV) in 2006. After more than ten years of rapid development, Tongwei has become a integrated PV enterprise with high-purity polysilicon production in upstream and high-efficiency solar cell production in midstream and high-efficiency PV module production in downstream , as well as experience in PV power plant construction and operation. It has formed a complete PV new energy industry chain with independent intellectual property rights and leading scale, technology, cost and quality advantages.
High-purity crystalline silicon production
Construction and operation of terminal photovoltaic power plants
High-efficiency solar cell production
High-efficiency module production

Green Energy Industry Chain

- Upstream: High-Purity Crystalline Silicon

High-purity Crystalline Silicon, Leads the World
Tongwei's Yongxiang has three high-purity crystalline silicon production
bases in Leshan (Sichuan), Baotou (Inner Mongolia), and Baoshan (Yunnan). Tongwei's silicon products cover both electronic and solar grades,
representing the excellence of high-purity crystalline silicon
"intelligent manufacturing in China".


Annual production capacity of high-purity crystalline silicon will exceed

NO. 1

Production capacity in the world

Create a world-class leading enterprise of high-purity crystalline silicon
Sichuan Yongxiang Co., Ltd. was established in November 2002. After 20 years of development, Sichuan Yongxiang has formed a circular economy industry chain that combines new energy and chemical industry from "halogen, caustic soda, polyvinyl chloride to calcium carbide slag cement" and from "hydrogen chloride, silicon trichloride to polysilicon new energy."
Five core advantages, achieve high-purity crystalline silicon "intelligent manufacturing in China"
  • Cost Advantage
    Maximizing cost reduction and efficiency enhancement through advanced technological processes, the comprehensive cost is at the forefront of international standards.
  • Industrial Advantage
    Circular economy industry chain with the complete combination of new energy and chemical industry in China, and smooth industry chain in the upstream, midstream, and downstream within the group.
  • Technology Advantage
    Tongwei introduced advanced technology and equipment from abroad, combined with mature domestic technology to develop and improve the new polysilicon technology, and successfully iterated the "Yongxiang Method" to the seventh generation. Cold hydrogenation, silicon trichloride synthesis, disproportionation, large-scale energy-saving rectification and efficient reduction, tail gas recovery, automatic control technology of electrical appliances, closed-circuit circulation of hydrogen chloride, comprehensive utilization technology of heat energy, analysis, and detection technology, and other aspects are with independent intellectual property rights and at the leading position in China.
  • Product Advantage
    The purity of high-purity crystalline silicon is high. The purity of the product can reach more than 99.9999999% in terms of electrical properties, which meets the requirements of P-type monocrystalline, N-type monocrystalline silicon wafers, and semiconductors.
  • Management Advantage
    Known as the Western Silicon Valley, Leshan has laid the foundation of management technology and talents and the post-doctoral practice base. Yongxiang has passed the evaluation of safety production standardization and is not only ranked the Level-II Safety Production Standardization Enterprise but also introduced the "Tongwei model" with pragmatic and efficient decision-making and execution. Each subsidiary has obtained the crystalline silicon carbon footprint certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.
Three Major Industrial Bases, Lead Industry Development
Leshan Base, Sichuan Province
Leshan is the birthplace of Tongwei's high-purity polysilicon. The Yongxiang Co., Ltd. Sichuan Leshan Base now encompasses Yongxiang New Energy, Yongxiang Energy Technology, Yongxiang Photovoltaic Technology, Yongxiang Polysilicon, Yongxiang Resin, Yongxiang Silicon Materials, Yongxiang Polysilicon (New Materials), and Tongwei Green. Together, these companies form a complete circular economy industrial chain that integrates chemical and new energy sectors, achieving increased efficiency, reduced consumption, and low-carbon development.
Baotou Base, Inner Mongolia
The Inner Mongolia Baotou Base, built upon Yongxiang Co., Ltd.'s first high-purity polysilicon company outside Sichuan, Inner Mongolia Tongwei now includes Inner Mongolia Tongwei, Tongwei Silicon Energy (Inner Mongolia), and Tongwei Green Materials (Inner Mongolia). These companies have injected significant momentum into Baotou's development as a world-leading green silicon hub.
Baoshan Base, Yunnan Province
As a major investment project in Yunnan Province, the first phase of Yunnan Tongwei, from groundbreaking to production, took 355 days, setting a new record for the fastest project construction in the industry. On May 1, 2024, the world's largest single-unit production project, Yunnan Tongwei's second phase 200,000-ton high-purity polysilicon project, successfully started up in one go. The first batch of products was successfully produced and passed quality testing, with all indicators meeting N-type electronic grade standards and a purity of 99.999999999%. With the full production of Yunnan Tongwei's second phase 200,000-ton project, Tongwei's annual production capacity of high-purity polysilicon will reach 650,000 tons, further solidifying its position as the global leader in high-purity polysilicon.
Global Market Share
Monthly Shipments
NO. 1 in the world
Product quality, various consumption levels and costs are
Leading the industry
Circular Economy Industry Chain, Creates A Green Future Together
Tongwei has been committed to building and improving the chemical industry and green energy industry chain and has realized a circular industry chain that features the integration of new energy and chemical industry from "halogen, caustic soda, polyvinyl chloride to calcium carbide slag cement" and "from hydrogen chloride, silicon trichloride to crystalline silicon new energy."
High-purity Crystalline Silicon
Grey metal luster, density 2.32 ~ 2.34 g/cm 3, melting point 1410 °C, boiling point 2355 °C, is the most essential and fundamental functional material of the semiconductor industry, electronic information industry, and solar photovoltaic industry.
Ion membrane caustic soda
It has excellent performance and stable quality and does not contain any harmful substances specified in the list of 10 toxic substances in the ROHS of the European Union and Chinese national standards. It is at a food-packaging class and can meet the environmental protection requirements for PVC of the European Union. It has few crystal points, good molding, and high transparency, is the first choice of raw materials for hot shrinkable membranes, and is favored by cable and wire manufacturers.
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
The purity of ion membrane caustic soda is high, and the impurities are 70% lower compared to peers, and all indexes exceed the requirements of national industrial sodium hydroxide quality indicators.
Green Practice Development
Equipment electrification and
crude fuel replacement
Expand clean power usage
Strive for 100% clean power supply as soon as possible
Establish carbon
emission management system
Successful joined the
Global Initiative (SBTI)
Continue to pay close attention to energy conservation and consumption reduction, maintain the leading position of unit consumption indicators in the industry
Take efforts to implement
supply chain emission reductions
Independence Innovating Technology, Achieving Global Leadership
In the past 20 years, through continuous technological research and development and process innovation, Yongxiang has solved safety and environmental protection issues from the source. It has formed a complete circular economy industry chain and material energy self-circulation system integrating the chemical industry and new energy and has achieved quality improvement, consumption reduction, and low-carbon development with world-leading indicators.

Owns independent IPR items


The purity of key impurity elements of high-purity crystalline silicon products reaches


Over 99% of the products

meet monocrystalline requirements of P-type and N-type

Reach electronic first-class quality standards over


Green Energy Industry Chain

— Midstream: High-Efficiency Crystalline Silicon Cells and High-Efficiency Modules

TW Solar - Six “NO. 1”
The largest cell production capacity, the largest shipments, the most profitability, the lowest cost, the highest operating rate, and the fastest construction speed globally.
Independent innovation, improves the efficiency of optoelectronic conversion
In 2021, by improving the research and development of HJT and the mass production efficiency, TW Solar made progress in lowering the consumption index of auxiliary materials and consumables and has phased progress in research and development of silver slurry replacement. TW Solar simultaneously conducts research and development of TOPCon technology and takes the lead in starting the mass production pilot test of 210mm TOPCon. The 1GW TOPCon project has been successfully put into production, and the conversion efficiency of the mass-produced product is leading in the industry.
Leading standards, promote the standardization construction in the PV industry
TW Solar has formed several technical achievements with independent intellectual property rights in the core technical fields such as ALD back passivation, selective emitter technology, bifacial solar cell, multi-busbar (MBB), TOPCon cell, HJT cell, etc. While focusing on the mainstream PERC technology, TW Solar emphasizes the tracking and R&D of new PV technologies. Currently, the conversion efficiency of the mass-produced HJT cell and TOPCon cell is at the leading level.
Two world records, 500 patents
The high-efficiency cell and its package module independently developed by TW Solar have been tested and certified by the National Photovoltaic Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, breaking the world record twice. Up to now, TW Solar has obtained nearly 500 valid authorized patents.
Four bases and the Tonghe Project achieve "Tongwei speed"
Tonghe Project
Hefei Base
Shuangliu Base
Meishan Base
Jintang Base
High-efficiency products lead the high-efficiency module technology in the industry.
High-efficiency Cells
High-efficiency Modules
Six Module Product Advantages, Robust and Reliable
Five Module System Advantages, Excellence Upgrade
Lower Operating Temperature
The outdoor temperature range of half-cell module is 2 ~ 3℃ lower than that of conventional modules, and the power output increases by more than 0.5 under the same conditions.
Better Surface Load Capacity
The overall module passed 2400Pa wind load and 5400Pa snow load tests.
Higher Conversion Efficiency
With the outstanding cell technology and leading processing techniques, the conversion efficiency of TOPCon high-efficiency modulemodule is over 22.2%.
Excellent Low-light Performance
TOPCon high-efficiency module outputs more power in low-light conditions such as cloudy, morning, and evening situations.
Superior Anti - PID Capability
Possibilities of degradation caused by PID is minimized by optimization of cell production technology and material management.

Green Energy Industry Chain

- Downstream: Fishery & PV Integration

Tongwei innovative lay out the “Fishery & PV Integration” blueprint at the downstream of the industry chain.
At the comprehensive application end of the new energy industry, Tongwei follows China's green development strategy deployment.
Organically integrate photovoltaic power generation with modern fisheries, and initiate the "PV+fishery" development model, where power generates on the top and fish swim on the bottom.
Investment Development
Tongwei New Energy is Tongwei's terminal investment platform for the PV industry, with "PV changes the world" as its core concept. It takes Tongwei New Energy, Tongwei New Energy (Shenzhen), and Tongwei New Energy Technology (Beijing) as the main entities and focuses on the investment and development of "Fishery & PV Integration."
Planning and Design
Land Resource Compound Utilization and Intelligent Construction Solution
Tongwei Intelligent Aquaculture Solution (Scientific Planning, Intelligent Control) Tongwei New Energy Engineering Design Sichuan Co., Ltd. insists on taking market demand as the guide, taking technological innovation as the power source for enterprise development, focusing on R&D in the field of PV terminal technology and power station design. It is an essential participant in new energy development and innovation and provides customers with high-quality new energy system integration solutions. Its business covers all aspects of the new energy industry chain, such as power investment, project development, planning consulting, survey and design, engineering construction, etc. It is committed to providing world-class full-lifecycle solutions for clean energy.
Intelligent Operation and Maintenance
"Fishery & PV Integration" Smart Operations Specialist
Sichuan Yuguang Wulian Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on PV power station operation and maintenance and profoundly explores the "PV+fishery" intelligent operation. The project layout covers more than 40 cities across China. It operates "PV+fishery" bases in Anhui, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, and other provinces and cities across China. In the surface PV project market, based on Tongwei's "PV+fishery" market of more than 10%, large-scale "PV+fishery" operating bases have also emerged throughout China.
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