Sustainable Development

"While the enterprise achieves the goal of sustainable development, we are considering how to stand at the height of the times and closely integrate corporate development with national expectations and social needs. It is a question that Tongwei will continue to respond to in the future."

Liu Hanyuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Scientific Governance
We continue to improve and strengthen our sustainable management systems, enhance the quality of information disclosure and operate openly and transparently, and deepen our anti-corruption efforts to prevent risks.
Strategic Synergies
In response to the national green development strategy, we continue to work on the coordinated integration of the two significant industrial associations of "agriculture+PV new energy," contributing to the country's goal of carbon neutralization.
Empowering with Technology
Sticking on the word "innovation," we continue to seek new development opportunities, clarify our critical directions of digital transition and intellectual development, and collaborate to promote green development during the transition.
Win-Win in Innovation
We optimize our supplier management system, incorporate environmental and social factors into the supplier management mechanism, reduce ecological and social risks in our supply chain, and work with suppliers to achieve the goal of sustainable development.
Ecology, the Bottom Line
We have strengthened our environmental management throughout the life cycle, strictly adhered to the "red line" of environmental protection, taken practical action on the concept of environmental protection, and promoted the construction of ecological civilization.
We attach great importance to constructing professional, technical, and managerial talent echelons. We are committed to shaping a healthy and safe working environment while actively protecting our employees' rights and interests and cooperating with them to enhance enterprise development.

Sustainability Commitment and Related Policies

Tongwei Sustainable Development Commitment:

Tongwei adheres to the principle of "Pursuing Excellence and Contributing to Society", regards sustainable development as the key to company development, actively supports and responds to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and joins hands with all stakeholders to realize the balanced development of the company, the society and the environment, thus creating a sustainable future for the earth and the human society.

Tongwei Co.,Ltd has released the 2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report, actively responding to stakeholders' demands and expectations and demonstrating the company's significant progress and achievements in sustainable development in 2023. With the core concept of “Govern Together, Build Together and Share Together”, we work with all sectors of society to achieve a sustainable and beautiful new life featuring a beautiful ecology, harmonious partnerships, value creation, and steady development.
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Honors & Awards
National Green Manufacturing Demonstration Unit
National Green Supply Chain Management Demonstration Enterprise
National Environment-Friendly Enterprise
Pioneer in China's energy conservation and emission reduction
Top 10 Outstanding Contribution Awards for Rural Revitalization of Chinese Agricultural Brands
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