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Expert R&D Team
To improve the ability of independent R&D, grasp the future development opportunities of core technologies, products, and application fields, and strengthen its core competitiveness, Tongwei has established a PV Technology Center based on the scientific research systems covering PV business sectors, set up scientific research and technology teams led by industry experts, and coordinated efforts to promote technology R&D and technology integration in all links of the PV industry chain. In 2021, Tongwei PV Technology Center focused on cross-plate links and integration in the process of mass production and introducing new technologies and products (such as TOPCon and HJT). The Center strived to deepen industry-university-research cooperation with universities and research institutes at home and abroad and further reinforced the follow-up and R&D of cross-generation and cutting-edge technologies in the industry (including HBC, perovskite, laminated batteries/module, PV+energy storage, and other technologies).
Proprietary Intellectual Property
Monocrystalline rate exceeds 99%539 patents granted

Yongxiang, a subsidiary of Tongwei, has been devoted to bolstering scientific research, improving advanced management levels, optimizing technical indicators, reducing production costs, and enhancing independent innovation capabilities. Thanks to those efforts, in 2013, it became one of the first companies that met the Standard Conditions for the Photovoltaic Manufacturing Industry approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

With internationally-advanced technical talent teams and R&D strength, Yongxiang has established a polysilicon engineering technology research center, an enterprise technology center, a high-purity crystalline silicon preparation engineering laboratory, and a postdoctoral innovation practice base. As a leading player in the industry, it has many research achievements with independent intellectual property rights in core technology fields such as cold hydrogenation, anti-disproportionation, high-efficiency reduction, large-scale energy-saving distillation, tail gas recovery, thermal energy cascade recycling, and the closed-loop cycle of oxygen and hydrogen elements. The core technology of high-purity crystalline silicon has been iteratively upgraded to the “Yongxiang Method Gen 7” and the original "Reactive Distillation Method," with the N-type monocrystalline exceeding 90%, reaching the level of electronic-grade crystalline silicon.

By the end of 2023, Yongxiang had applied 539 authorized patents.

Core Technology
Cold hydrogenation
High-efficiency reduction
Tail gas recovery
High boiling cracking
More than 320 patented
technological achievements
Thermal energy
cascade recycling
Automatic control of
electric appliances
Closed-loop cycle of oxygen
and hydrogen elements
Large-scale energy-saving
Continuous iterative upgrading of process technology
First Generation
Thermal hydrogination technology
Second Generation
Autocycle technology
Third Generation
Small-scale cold
hydrogenation technology
Fourth Generation
Large-scale cold
hydrogenation technology
Fifth Generation
Method Gen 5
Sixth Generation
Reactive distillation
Seventh Generation
Method Gen 7
Industry-leading level
In terms of solar cells, Yongxiang has gained several technical results with independent intellectual property rights in core technology fields such as atomic layer deposition back-passivation, selective emitter technology, bifacial solar cell, multiple busbars, TOPCon batteries, and HJT batteries. On the one hand, the company focuses on the current mainstream PERC technology. It improves and optimizes it by superposing other process technologies (such as multiple busbars, high resistance, dense grid, alkali polishing, etc.) to improve conversion efficiency and reduce production costs. On the other hand, Tongwei continues to invest more in the following and R&D of new PV technologies. Now, the mass production conversion efficiency of HJT and TOPCon batteries is at the industry-leading level.

Double Green Future

, Green Agriculture

Tongwei R&D Base
Tongwei boasts robust R&D and independent innovation strength. It has invested hundreds of millions of yuan to establish seven major R&D and test bases and has more than a dozen national and provincial technological innovation platforms, including "National Enterprise Technology Center," "National Accredited Laboratory," "National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Aquaculture Animal Disease Prevention and Control Technology," "Key Laboratory for Aquaculture Animal Nutrition and Healthy Breeding of the Ministry of Agriculture," "Sichuan Key Laboratory for Aquaculture Healthy Breeding" and "Sichuan Aquaculture Engineering Technology Research Center," with an annual R&D input of over 100 million yuan.
Seven major R&D and test bases More than ten innovation platforms Over 100 million R&D input
Tongwei Agricultural Technology
Tongwei Technology Center is a national enterprise technology center jointly recognized by five ministries and commissions, including the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology. After years of development and operation, the Technology Center has built a sound scientific research and innovation organizational structure and operating mechanism, specializing in biotechnology-related research and technology integration, such as animal nutrition and feed, high-quality animal cultivation and breeding, animal health care, automatic husbandry facility engineering, aquatic and livestock products processing. The Center has provided significant technical support for the company's development by transforming innovative research achievements into real productivity.
Tongwei Technology Center has many scientific research institutions, including Fisheries Research Institute, Special Fisheries Research Institute, Livestock and Poultry Research Institute, Animal Health Research Institute, Facilities Fisheries Engineering Research Institute, Fisheries Engineering Center, Inspection Center, etc. It is devoted to effectively guiding innovation research, clarifying innovation goals, refining innovation tasks, and ensuring innovation results. According to the "Notice on Printing and Distributing Evaluation Results of National Enterprise Technology Centers in 2021" issued by the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission, Tongwei Technology Center was once again evaluated as "excellent" with high scores in the annual evaluation of more than 1,700 enterprise technology centers in China.
Tongwei Agricultural Patents
In recent years, Tongwei's agriculture business has applied for more than 800 patents, with 329 of them being invention patents (including 2 PCTs); has presided over or participated in the formulation and revision of seven national standards, five industry standards, six local standards, and a group standard; has obtained the approvals of three national new aquatics and two National New Veterinary Drug Certificates; has published nine monographs and 192 papers, including 20 SCIs. In the past few years, Tongwei has won the second prize of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award three times and has won twice the first prize of the National Harvest Award for Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture of the Ministry of Agriculture and Village, the first prize of the China Agricultural Science and Technology Award of the Ministry of Agriculture and Village, and the first prize of Sichuan Science and Technology Progress Award and the second prize of Sichuan Patent Award.
More than 800 patent applications Two National New Veterinary Drug Certificates 192 papers
Tongwei three-level R&D system
In 2021, Tongwei Technology Center fully implemented the company's construction guidelines for the three-level R&D system: forward-looking, primary, and applied research. The forward-looking research focuses on the production and application research of single-cell protein as the raw material of fish feed protein, such as the industrialization and application research of single-cell bacterial protein and the "PV+algae" research of feed-grade spirulina. The applied research uses various R&D results to develop new products around the business needs. For example, the Center produces high-end freshwater seedlings "Kaikoule," immunity enhancement feed "Yukang No.1", special overwintering feed "Yudongjian," etc. The unmanned and intelligent prawn aquaculture workshops and circulating water treatment systems are also being developed to achieve intelligent water quality control, accurate feed feeding, and efficient disease prevention and control.
For a long time, Tongwei has established a young and high-quality scientific research and technological innovation team committed to consolidating the company's scientific research capabilities and making its products more competitive under the leadership of experts who enjoy the Special Government Allowance of the State Council.
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