Investment and development, PV + fishery.
Play a new rythm of development in the new era.

Tongwei New Energy is Tongwei's terminal investment platform for the PV industry, with "PV changes the world" as its core concept. It takes Tongwei New Energy, Tongwei New Energy (Shenzhen), and Tongwei New Energy Technology (Beijing) as the main entities and focuses on the investment and development of "Fishery&PV Integration."
More than 54 PV power stations featuring "Fishery&PV Integration"
20 provinces and municipalities
The total scale of grid-connected projects exceeds 4.07GW
High-quality Industry Planning Plan
Tongwei "Fishery&PV Integration" adopts the method of "coordinated development of primary and secondary industries and appropriate matching of tertiary industries,” integrates the three industries to create a "three new" modern industrial park combining new fishery, new energy, and new countryside, promotes industrial gear shift and upgrading, provides practical ways for the transformation of new rural construction, achieves the effects of "having a source of funds, a return on investment, and the main body of operation and management," and further improves the quality and efficiency of economic development.
New Energy - Reduce costs and increase efficiency
With professional qualification certificates, a focus on new technology innovation, and actively participating in and promoting the formulation of industry standards, Tongwei has more than 20 patents, including combined cable clamps, rotation systems, and installation devices, half of which are invention patents. Tongwei is an essential participant in new energy development and innovation.
New Fisheries - Benefit Improvement

Tongwei intelligent aquaculture solution

o Enhance the Intelligence of Breeding

o The per capita management and breeding area of ​​fishery breeding increased from 20-200 mu to 500-1000 mu.

o The IoT breeding management process significantly reduces breeding labor intensity and labor costs.

New Countryside - Industrial Integration
Diversified industry overlay, space creates unlimited possibilities

Planning and Design, Land Resource Compound Utilization and Intelligent Construction Solution

Tongwei New Energy Engineering Design Sichuan Co., Ltd. insists on taking market demand as the guide, taking technological innovation as the power source for enterprise development, focusing on R&D in the field of PV terminal technology and power station design. It is an important participant in new energy development and innovation, and provides customers with high-quality new energy system integration solutions. Its business covers all aspects of the new energy industry chain, such as power investment, project development, planning consulting, survey and design, engineering construction, etc., and is committed to providing world-class full-life cycle solutions of clean energy.
Project Development Consulting
Provide customers with advanced services, including PV power generation project development, system consultation, design and installation, system debugging services, and sales services for the construction of high-efficiency PV power stations.
Efficient Solution Design
Combining the natural environment and format of the project, Tongwei provides the most professional complete life cycle power station solutions and leads the professional full-process management and control system and team to ensure the implementation of the design plan.
Handover projects
With the enterprise positioning of PV+intelligent construction experts, Tongwei provides a full range of solutions with the lowest LCOE from project consultation, design, installation, and procurement to commissioning and other aspects.
Cloud Monitoring Service
Micromagnetic eddy current damping vibration absorption technology, grating fiber cable force online monitoring technology.

Tongwei flexible bracket is safe and stable and realizes efficient land use.

Thanks to the efforts of the Tongwei R&D team, Tongwei has created the world's first V-shaped cable system structure with a unique anti-arch technology and made a breakthrough in the realization of module low-stress and zero-disturbance module installation platform, which has no shaking and wind trembling under moderate gale and has a unique low-cable force and long-service design.
Global Leading
Automatic Installation Structural Logic
Fishery&PV Integration Design Market Share
Flexible Tracker Failure Rate
100 MW
Multiple 100MW grades
Flexible Project Grid Connection
Flexible issuance ratio
Flexible tracker
Cable Force Cloud Perception
Complete and Mature
Flexible materials and
costruction supply chain
Industry Status
Take the lead in compling industrial norms
and sponsor unit for industrial alliance
Industry wide
Maximum Validation Time
Safe and Stable
Redundant constraint

Large span and high clearance create infinite possibilities for the future

The flexible tracker structure based on innovative technical features such as the quasi-beam stringed cable truss structure and Cross-Tie horizontal vibration reduction system developed by Tongwei has a long span and high clearance, which achieves ultra-high utilization of land resources and ensure ultra-high safety under class-13 typhoon. With continuous R&D investment and independent innovation, the online perception of cable tension has obtained more than 20 technology patents. At the same time, its system performance, which has passed tests of more than 100 pressure measurement model test conditions (snow load), more than 6,000 aeroelastic model test conditions, 1,000 hours of the industry's longest wind tunnel verification time, and up to 98% of vibration suppression, forms mutual complementation with the industry chain coordinated shingled modules, creating dual-core competitiveness with entire life cycle and multi-scenario applications, leading the industry in an all-round way.
50 columns/MW / 7.0m clearance / 60m span

Intelligent Operations & Maintenance, "Fishery&PV Integration" Intelligent Operations Expert

Sichuan Yuguang Wulian Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on PV power station operation and maintenance and profoundly explores the "Fishery&PV Integration" intelligent operation. The project layout covers more than 40 cities across China. It operates "Fishery&PV Integration" bases in Anhui, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, and other provinces and cities across China. In the surface PV project market, based on Tongwei's "Fishery&PV Integration" market of more than 10%, large-scale "Fishery&PV Integration" operating bases have also emerged throughout China.
Integrated Power Station Operation Management

The professional and efficient operation team provides a 7*24 uninterrupted production safety guarantee and provides output-guarantee operation services covering the entire life cycle of the PV power plant.

The O&M power stations cover over 40 cities across China, mainly in the central and eastern regions, and have formed a demonstration effect to radiate the western part.

Tongwei is currently operating more than 50 power stations, mainly "Fishery&PV Integration," as well as a few mountainous, ground, and distributed power stations.

Capacity The total capacity of O&M power stations exceeds 2.5GW, including several 100MW-level projects.

Tongwei creatively initiates the "Fishery&PV Integration and intelligence plus" operation mode and provides high-quality O&M services. As of June 1, 2021, the safe production days of power stations reached 1980.

Specialized Electrical Equipment Tests

According to the requirements of the Regulation for the Inspection and Repair of Photovoltaic Power Station and the Regulation for the Inspection and Repair of Substation, the professional electrical test team regularly conducts a special comprehensive inspection, cleaning, testing, measurement, and regular replacement of components for electrical equipment to eliminate equipment and system defects and ensure that the overall function of the equipment meets the requirements.

The "Fishery&PV Integration" IOT Electric Test team began the maintenance, testing, technical transformation, and emergency repair of substations, power stations, and distribution stations in the power industry in 2019. The team insisted on conducting electrical tests at night to avoid power outages. In 2019, the night maintenance and test exceeded 80 days; in 2020, the number was 70 days. There was no 1kWn planned power outage loss. The work quality, ability, and sense of responsibility of the electrical test team have been affirmed by many parties.

Intelligent Operation Software and Hardware System

"Water, land and air" omni-directional intelligent unmanned inspection equipment
The unmanned inspection equipment such as unmanned aircraft, unmanned boats, and unmanned vehicles equipped with thermal IR imaging cameras and visible light imaging cameras work together with independently developed professional post-processing software to automatically detect module dust, dirt, cracks, shading, heating, and other abnormal conditions, scan points in the decision areas and intelligently identify various anomalies shading hot spots, modules heating conditions, module zero current, module diode bypass, etc. Help improve the efficiency of power station fault elimination, fully tap the value of power stations, and increase the power generation of power stations.

Intelligent PV centralized O&M system
The intelligent PV centralized O&M system integrates the Internet mindset to carry out PV power station O&M management, focusing on the unified management of the entire production process, equipment assets, data assets, and the entire life cycle. It realizes a panoramic VR monitoring of the power station, monitors equipment operation data and status, automatically positions faulty equipment and prediction and warning, intelligently analyzes power station daily operation data, compares various electricity data, quantifies power station operation quantitative assessment indicators and other production indicators, and realize information management, power station personnel management, equipment maintenance process management, equipment O&M process management, safety production management, power station assessment management, financial settlement management, etc. during the whole life cycle of power station production.

Application Cases

Tongwei "Fishery&PV Integration" Base in Sihong, Jiangsu
Tongwei "Fishery&PV Integration" Leader Project in Sihong, Jiangsu
Tongwei "Fishery&PV Integration" Base in Hexian, Anhui
Tongwei "Fishery&PV Integration" Base in Longpao, Jiangsu
Flexible Tracker of Tongwei "Fishery&PV Integration" Project in Zhaoyuan, Heilongjiang
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