• Water resource management
  • The company continues to pay attention to water resource risks, keeps optimizing its water consumption structure, strengthens water conservation at source, and manages reasonably and effectively to reduce operational risks.
    (1) Organizational structure for water management
    The company incorporates water utilization related indicators into performance appraisal and ties it to pay.
    Heads of branch companies (strategy development and performance appraisal)
    Plant Affairs Department/Production Department/Photovoltaic Power Station Base (implementation of specific tasks)
    All staff (participate jointly)
    (2) Water risk management
    Tongwei regularly carries out water risk identification and assessment for all its operations. In 2022, we carried out the annual water risk assessment for all operations, as described below:
    Low-risk area: 127 Medium-risk area: 4 High-risk area: 5 Extremely high-risk area: 18
    (3) Water risk mitigation measures
    ① Plant design and planning
     Raise the foundation height of the plant
     Installation of waterproof gates
     Water balance calculation
    ② Water resources operation and management
     Recycling of recycled water
     Develop comprehensive water pollution indicators
     Require suppliers to implement water resource management
     Monitor water use and discharge and practice water conservation
    (4) Company water consumption data for 2022
    Municipal water supply water consumption 47,854,300 tons Water consumption density 336 tons/million yuan revenue Proportion of recycled water use is 83.05%
    (5) Company's water saving target in 2023
    The water saving target of Tongwei in 2023 is 3,594,000 tons.
    Wherein the water saving target for major products:
    Feed: With 2020 as the base year, water use per ton of feed declines by 9% in 2023
    Food: With 2020 as the base year, water consumption per unit ton of product declines by 6% in 2023
    High-purity crystalline silicon: water consumption per unit of product less than 75 tons/ton of silicon in 2023
    Solar cells: water consumption per unit of product less than 245 tons/MW in 2023
    (6) Water resource management measures and effectiveness
    Some branch companies' water conservation measures and effectiveness in 2022:
     Solar energy (Meishan) through the texture surface making, alkali polishing process cleaning water recycling project, the annual reduction of pure water consumption of 720,000m³, the annual reduction of tap water consumption of 960,000m³
     TW Agricultural Development through the introduction of new water-saving equipment such as direct fired dryers and steam generators, the water consumption per ton of feed was 41.27 kg, a year-on-year reduction of 3.26 kg from 2021
     Tongwei Food through the secondary use of clean water for raw materials and process improvements, the water consumption per ton of fish fillets in 2022 has been reduced by 8.33% year-on-year; water consumption for the production of a single head of hogs has been saved by 0.16 tons
     Sichuan Yongxiang and Sichuan Yongxiang New Energy were respectively awarded 2022 Provincial Water-saving Enterprises
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