Tracking sun, chasing light
Firmly believing in PV's potential of changing the world, we're carrying forward with unswerving paces.
Into PV, into the new world.
Smart Module by Tongwei
No.1 in Crystalline Silicon No.1 in Cell
PV Changes the World
After more than ten years of rapid development, Tongwei has become a integrated PV enterprise with high-purity polysilicon
production in upstream and high-efficiency solar cell production in midstream and high-efficiency PV module production in downstream ,
as well as experience in PV power plant construction and operation. It has formed a complete PV new energy industry chain with
independent intellectual property rights and leading scale, technology, cost and quality advantages.
Stable Raw Materials, Consistent Quality
Deeply ploughing agriculture for 40 years, Tongwei Agricultural Development has focused on feed production and aquacultural product breeding.
At the same time, it has involved many fields such as aquacultural product seedling and breeding, raising services, animal health, agricultural testing,
fishery facilities and equipment, and financing guarantees.

Green² Future

Tongwei is a large multinational enterprise with eco-agriculture and new energy as our dual main business.
Believing that “PV changes the world,” we take it as our responsibility to build a world-class clean energy supplier and a world-class safe food supplier.
Aiming at "for better life," we will create a double green future with you.
"PV Changes the World"

Green Energy Industry Chain

Building a world-class clean energy supplier

"Tongwei Quality, Breeding Efficiency"

Green Agriculture Industry Chain

Building a world-class supplier of safe food

Main Businesses

Originating in aquacultural products, growing up in agriculture and animal husbandry, and expanding to the new energy sector.
Tongwei always adheres to the real economy, practices the philosophy of serving the people with industry,
never forgets our original ideals and aspirations, and continues to implement the dream of green development.
Green power cultivates green silicon valley.
High-purity crystalline silicon realizes "Chinese intelligence".
PV Cell & Module
High-efficiency cell production capacity and shipments
rank 1ˢᵗ in the world.
"Fishery & PV Integration"
Tongwei creates the “Fishery & PV integration” innovative
business mode, benefiting fishery, electricity, and ecology.
Tongwei Feed
The annual feed production capacity exceeds 1 billion tons.
The "quality" benchmark in the feed industry.
Intensive Breeding
Explore facilitation and factory breeding models.
Form new breakthroughs in technology, scale, and brand.
Safe Food
"Tongwei Fish", the first branded fish in China,
can be traced throughout the feeding process.

Products & Solutions

The core technology of Tongwei's polysilicon production has devoloped to "8th method of Yongxiang", with over 90% of N-type monocrystalline reaching the level of electronic-grade silicon. The quality, technical indicators and costs of Tongwei polysilicon lead globally, covering both electronic and solar grades.Tongwei has established strategic partnerships with several well-known downstream photovoltaic cell and module enterprises in China. The product quality has received high recognition in the market. With a purity of 99.999999999%, the products represent the excellence of high-purity crystalline silicon "intelligent manufacturing in China".
Solar Cell
TW Solar has formed a number of technical achievements with independent intellectual property rights in the core technical fields such as ALD back passivation, selective emitter technology, bifacial solar cell, multi-busbar (MBB), TNC (Tongwei N-type passivated contact Cell) , HJT cell, etc.
High-efficiency Module
With the solid and robust upstream reserves within the industry chain, Tongwei entered the module business in 2013. The product is produced by the "Industry 4.0" system of smart manufacturing. Tongwei creates high-efficiency shingled and half-cell products to achieve all-round coverage.
Scenario-based Solutions
Tongwei closely aligns with China's green development strategy deployment, organically integrates PV power generation with modern fisheries, and pioneered the "Fishery & PV Integration" development model where power generates on the top and fish swim on the bottom. At the same time, based on PV industry chain with independent IPR, Tongwei offers multiple scenario application options for customers.

R&D Innovation

Tongwei adheres to "science and technology is the first productivity". Each business unit has formed a scientific research team led by experts in the field.
A large number of scientific research outcomes has been successfully applied to the market to form a differentiated competitive advantage.

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