5 Great Uses For Portable Solar Panels

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Camping and Hiking

Outdoor lovers consider portable solar panels to be their indispensable partners, as they may boast a pleasant surprise in the form of the smartphone or other devices charged in wilderness. Here are the reasons why it may warm the heart of camping or hiking enthusiasts.

Charging devices

Harnessing power from the sun enables all adventurers to charge absolutely all of their devices such as smartphones, GPS, cameras, etc., which they consider necessary for being happy, safe, and sound in the wilderness. Usually, these devices charge at a rate of 1 -2 amps per hour ; thus, hikers may easily replace their gadgets while going from one point to another, which is especially appreciated during long-lasting hiking trips and short pauses that they usually have.

Lighting the campsite

Apart from those requirements related to technological advancement in camping and hiking, solar panels charge lights. Tacking string lights and lanterns around their campsites, people get a pleasant atmosphere to relax after a whole day of being like a bear with a sore head . These panels typically provide an output of 100 – 300 lumens to light specific area.


Due to the ability of these devices to reach temperatures of 250 – 350°F , solar cookers can substitute traditional camp stoves and can include of reflector panels that surround the food and trap the heat. Thus, the process of cooking may be organized in a cheap way as no fuel source is required to cook a dinner or any other meal.

Purifying water

Driven by solar panels, water purification systems provide clean drinking water of using the systems of UV sterilization or any kind of filtration. These techniques are good at killing the vast majority of bacteria, as well as removing all contaminants.

For emergency

As portable solar panels may be charged and provide electricity to USB devices, all hiking fans may fear nothing in the forest. Thus, people may stay in touch with the outside world through their smartphones charged by panels.

The happiness of boating

Portable solar panels provide boaters with numerous benefits, enriching their on-the-water experiences in many aspects. The most useful applications of such renewable energy options include:

  • Powering electronics. With an average output of 50-200 watts per hour , portable solar panels are suitable for keeping boating batteries charged . It guarantees a perpetual energy supply for the essential onboard electronics such as navigational systems, radios, depth finders, and others. With such devices fully charged, boaters do not have to be anxious about running out of power while being on the water.

  • Extending adventures. Having portable solar panels installed on the boat allows boaters to embark on even greater on-the-water adventures. They can travel to faraway locations and not be afraid of running out of battery or the necessity to return to the coast and recharge. It is also suitable for overnight anchoring in secluded coves, as boaters can be sure that their battery will last.

  • Enhanced eco-friendliness. The use of such renewable energy allows boaters to be more sustainable and help preserve the health of our waterways. With solar panels, there is less need for relying on fuel, contributing to the minimization of the greenhouse effect and preservation of nature. Even while boating or sailing, continuation of the environmental awareness efforts such as using solar panels for powering onboard electronics and refrigeration useful.

  • Emergency preparedness. Even in the critical situations when the engine fails, or boaters get stuck in bad weather conditions, portable solar panels serve as a perfect source of energy. It is possible to use the power supply to charge emergency communication means such as satellite phones or distress beacons, and call for help when needed.

Apartment living becomes eco-friendly

Portable solar panels have made a revolution in apartment living, offering urban residents a greener and more efficient way to power their lives. The following are five ways in which the advent of portable solar power technology has modified urban living.

Using Small Appliances

The average output of a portable solar panel is 50-100 watts per hour . As a result, they can be used to power small appliances that city dwellers often have in their homes. This may include but is not limited to laptops, smartphones, and LED lights.

Charging Electric Vehicles

Portable solar panels with larger outputs, such as 100-300 watts, may be used by apartment owners who own electric vehicles . The energy-harvesting device may be used to power the EV’s onboard system or directly charge its battery. This approach allows city apartment owners with electric vehicles to reduce their environmental footprint while also having a convenient way to charge their cars.

Supplementing the Grid

Portable panels simply charge small devices directly and are not used to power a dwelling. This is why they only serve as a supplement to the power grid that urban dwellers access using traditional distribution channels. Thus, apartment owners can power their devices and reduce their demand for grid electricity during peak consumption times.

Outdoor Lighting

Portable home appliances connected to the grid can improve the quality of life city residents lead and enh anc e the ambiance of their living area. For instance, solar string and path lights can provide apartment dwellers with high-quality outside time by lighting up balconies and communal areas.

Green Living

Finally, the technology is associated with green living as it allows apartment owners to base their urban lifestyle on sustainable energy. It reduces carbon emissions and overall reliance on fossil fuels.

Emergency Preparedness

Portable solar panels are one of the essential components of emergency preparedness. Here is how to get ready for the unknown with them:

  • Power communication devices: communication is of the utmost importance in emergency situations. Portable solar panels, which generate 50-100 watts per hour on average, can keep radios, cell phones, and satellite phones charged. This will offer people in such areas an opportunity to talk to each other and authorities, keep in touch with new information, and request help if needed.

  • Operate medical equipment: the people suffering from such conditions as prescripted treatment through oxygen concentrators, CPAP, and other breathing-related machines, as well as glucose meters and various monitors, often have no chance to survive their power shutdowns. Portable solar panels can serve as a source of uninterrupted power supply to these devices.

  • Feeding and watering: before and after the emergency, clean food and water supplies can be hard or impossible to find. The use of water purification systems will guarantee uninterrupted access to clean drinking water, whereas solar-powered refrigerators or freezers will hold a supply of perishable food for as long as it takes to go through it.

  • Light emergency shelters: although nowadays, the offer of light-emitting chemical exit signs, glow rings, and other products of the kind is wide enough to make sure there is at least some light pouring from somewhere when these products are placed strategically on the walls, tables, doors, and windows, emergency shelters are still often dark enough to make people wary or afraid. Solar-powered lanterns and flashlights will make sure that the place where help can be found is comfortable and safe enough to stay in.

  • Search and rescue operations: emergency purposes of portable solar panels are not limited to medical and navigational devices. In remote and emergency areas, search and navigation operators use communication and mobile navigation systems, all of which need a constant power supply. The tools mentioned above may be used not only to locate people but also to track them back.

Green Outdoor Living

Portable solar panels contribute to green outdoor living by supporting a range of energy solutions. As such, here is how portable solar panels can help make your outdoor experiences eco-friendly:

  • Powering recreational vehicles : Riding in recreation vehicles enables people to run appliances and devices such as refrigerators, blowers, and air conditioners. Primarily, portable solar panels output an average of about 100-300 watts per hours, which is adequate for running most devices and appliances in RVs. Other equipment suitable for solar power include lights, batteries, and solar charge controllers . Ultimately, RV owners use portable solar panels as environmentally friendly and best energy sources for running electronics, devices, and appliances on extended road trips and camping trips.

  • Illuminating outdoor living spaces : Solar panels are suitable for lighting outdoor spaces by connecting them with lights or lamps such as pathway lights, garden lamps, and string lights. Outdoor solar lights are charged and powered by portable solar panels’ rechargeable batteries during the day, but they get to light up at nights . Given this, the solar lights are crucial to minimal energy consumption while lighting patios, decks, and gardens.

  • Charging outdoor electronic : Portable solar panels are used to charge electronic devices used outdoors by outdoor lovers. Furthermore, they will run most essential electronics including phones, tablets, and Bluetooth speakers as they use approximately 1-2amp/hour when charging them .

  • Heating water for outside chores : Portable solar panels can power solar water heaters for warm water use in camping, hiking, and swimming . Also, heating water for handwashing and showering are feasible for use. In general, a solar collector is vital arranging everything at the top while a cooler or container of water is insulated and placed underneath to heat the water.

  • Environmentally friendly solutions for gardening : Solar panels can help in powering water pumps or irrigation systems to feed gardens. As such, solar panels facilitate energy-efficient gardening methods as gardeners lessen reliance on grid electricity.

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