Top 5 Devices For 200w Solar Panels


Top 5 devices for 200W solar panels include portable power stations, LED lighting systems, electric coolers, Wi-Fi security cameras, and smartphone/tablet chargers

Portable Electronics

Portable Power Stations

For someone using the 200W solar panels — portable power stations are the holy grail, especially for those who like adventuring and for emergency situations. This power stations come in different sizes, merely and lay somewhere in between 250Wh to 500Wh. They are capable of recharging a conventional smartphone (using approximately 5Wh per charge) around 50 to 100 times from a full charge, as well as multiple charges for a laptop (requiring up to 60Wh per charge). What this means is for instance the Jackery Explorer 240, 240Wh capacity can be charged 100% from a 200W solar panel in a optimal 3.5 hours.

Solar Chargers

This type of solar chargers that can take the output energy from your solar panel and convert and store it in small electronic like smartphones, tablets, or even GPS units as per their mAH rating, are well matched for 200W solar panels. These chargers are also lightweight and foldable, which usually means portability is not a concern, and they can easily be used in different environments, be it hiking or even if you are visiting a park. A typical solar charger can deliver anywhere from 10-20 watts — enough power to charge multiple small devices simultaneously, allowing multiple people to embig their sparkly fear back into the social media universe.


Those who like to read under the sun are great low-power candidates; seeing them accept a charge from a 200W solar panel. With the exception of the Daily Edition, all e-readers use less than 5 watts while recharging whereby, if you were to place a small solar panel over the screen for a few hours each day -- the Kindle and a decent number of the other models would stay charged for weeks on end. E-readers are known for their energy efficiency so they are the natural choice for the eco-friendly reader.

Portable Audio Systems

The solar panel can provide sufficient power for a 200W solar panel for up to 20 hours in the form of small audio devices, such as Bluetooth speakers, which generally require an output power of between 10 to 30 watts. This is an option that entertains us when we go out in a group or alone, the perfect way to listen to hours of music without spending a massive amount of electricity.

GPS Devices

GPS devices are essential for navigating in the bush or in new areas. A common handheld GPS unit used 2-5 watts and would be a prime candidate for solar charging. Even if the 200W solar panel can only generate electricity, it should be enough to ensure that these devices operate all day long, so that many hikers, bikers, drivers, and travelers can save a little. For example, Garmin's GPSMAP 64s runs up to 16 hours!

Outdoor & Camping Gear

LED Lighting Systems

Led lighting techniques are particularly beneficial in outside or tenting use due to their low electric power absorption, high effectiveness, and brightness. LED bulbs use 6–8 Watts on average. So if a 200-watt solar panel can deliver more or less power to run an LED at the same time, it can be a lot of light used at camp. What this might look like, for example, would be a typical campsite setup of four LED bulbs for area lighting, drawing a total of 32 watts, making it a cinch for even a single 200W solar panel during peak sunlight hours.

Portable Refrigerators

You need portable refrigerators to help you keep your food and drinks cold if you are planning to camp or just have a long outdoor adventure. Usually, these units will draw 30 to 50 watts. These can easily be met throughout the day using a 200 W solar panel, in ideal climate conditions. A Dometic CFX3 45, which consumes around 45 watts, could be powered by a 200W solar panel during daylight, ensuring perishables remain chilled throughout the duration of your outdoor quick escape.

Solar Water Pumps

A solar water pump can make a camping experience a lot less like camping due to a lacking water supply and more like glamping. These pumps typically consume between 20 and 100 watts, the exact amount varying by model and by the amount of water that passes through them. Uses a 200W solar panel to fully power it so works well as a fully solar water pump Pumps around 300 gallons per hour so enough for light washing and cooking duties at most campsites Mini, compact water pump easily fits into your camping bag and has multi-point filtration for full safety

Portable Solar Panels

After all, portable solar panels themselves are a versatile item meant for camping, and can be moved or set up with ease. These panels are used to directly charge other devices or charge power storage units (batteries) In just a few minutes your 200W solar kit can be folded out and generating power from the sun to keep your lights, cooking equipment or electronic gadgets running without the need for grid electricity.

Outdoor Security Cameras

If camping in the wild, safety becomes a greater issue. For continuous monitoring without need of grid power, solar-powered outdoor security cameras are great. With a power consumption of roughly 5-10 watts for most of these cameras, a 200W solar panel can easily suffice for one or more cameras. The Arlo Pro 3 needed around 8 watts to operate and it ran all the time and still could be used for the campsite area.

Home Appliances

Wi-Fi Security Cameras

Wi-Fi security cameras, that require less energy to waste and are becoming more and more sought after. These cameras will generally need 5 to ten watts for instance. 200W solar panels are an excellent option to power such lights. That said the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera eats 3 watts at idle and up to 12 watts at full bore recording video or streaming live. That can make it possible to run several cameras continuously 24/7 on a single 200W solar panel in a moderate climate environment.

Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans can help your home to feel fresh and comfortable, which prevents air-con bills from reaching Pass-GO by circulating fresh air, creating fresh air, reducing cooling and deodorization particles and in sunny areas, preventing solar heating. A standard home ventilation fan will use approximately 20-30 watts. This means that a 200W solar panel can easily sustain up to one or more fans. Such a set up is great for those who like to live more sustainably as it reduces one of the highest energy intensive things we use in many houses: the cool.-

Compact Refrigerators

Areas like home offices or garages require a more compact refrigeration solution, and small, energy-efficient refrigerators are the answer. On a gorgeous day, a 12 volt electric fridge might suck about 50 to 100 watts when assembled, depending on size and doing a good insulation job. In terms A 200W solar panel may keep a minifridge running indefinitely in full sunshine (ie a few hours or off grid during blackouts).

LED Lighting

Another of the high efficiency home appliances, led lighting also goes well when used with the 200 W solar panel. An estimated single 200W solar panel could charge 20 LED bulbs at the same time whenever required, as the power consumption of an average LED bulb is 7–10W approx. There is enough light to light a full house or an outdoor area, which guarantees a lot of light, and so, little energy consumption.

Leisure Tools

Electric Scooters

Poor electric scooters are often picked by urban and suburban residents as the preferred method of leisure and short commuting. In general, these scooters are designed to be charged with 250W and 500W, and you can do it on a 200W solar panel in a relatively long session (or during multiple hours of peak sunlight). A Xiaomi M365 scooter, that requires a full 280 watts to charge, should be able to charge itself in the sun in somewhere between an hour to an hour and a half to 2 hours of strong sunlight. This feature is what enables people to power their rides electric—good for responsible travel, yes?

Golf Cart Chargers

Electric golf carts, that are widely used on golf courses and in gated communities, need to have their charge maintained with a golf cart charger. However, to keep your golf cart at (or at least near) full charge, 1,000 watts is necessary for a standard golf cart, but a 200W solar panel can be sufficient from the perspective of trickle charging, which keeps the battery charged and extends its lifetime just a little bit, charging them slowly throughout a sunlit day. One is to supplement a golf cart's standard charging routine with solar power, which reduces the need for grid electricity and lowers operational costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Portable Music Players

Portable music players such as MP3 players and mobile devices, use a minimal amount of power, often times much less than 5 volts to reach a full charge. In sunny conditions a 200W solar panel provides plenty to keep these items charged, To put it perspective, a full day of power production of this panel can charge thoroughly more than a few times an Apple iPod with a 1Wh battery, so will supply a daily dose of entertainment for you and your (extended) family free from grid constraints.

E-Bike Chargers

Most e-bikes, like those used for running errands or leisurely rides, draw enough current to charge on the side of 500 watts with some needing a whopping 800 watts for a full charge, depending on their make. A 200W solar panel by itself will not rapidly charge an e-bike, but it can effectively help power a supplementary battery storage system. It allowed to bring the bike to a full charge throughout the course of a day, certainly a convenient option for battery care and getting the most range from the bike in a true sustainable sense.

Yard Projectors

Outdoor projectors makes for a worthwhile evening entertainment project, particularly if you are a household viewing a backyard screening of the film. They also draw between 50 to 150 watts, so systems like this 200W solar panel could easily handle a modern LED projector. For example, a standard 100-watt projector could operate directly from power from a 200W panel for about two hours under peak daylight conditions, or longer when paired with battery storage — great for catching a film or gaming session outdoors without guilt

Kitchen Essentials

Slow Cookers

At Step for My Coffee One of the most popular yet energy-efficient kitchen appliances you can use with a 200W solar panel are slow cookers. Most of these appliances consume between 70 to 150 watts which make them suitable for long cooking without exceeding the solar capacity. Take the 120-watt slow cooker, for example, which can be operated for five to six hours after a full day’s charge on a solar day. Great for stews or casseroles.

Compact Refrigerators

The best compact refrigerators These fridges are great for small kitchens or for keeping as secondary fridges in a larger space. These fridges are generally 100 to 200 watts, which means that a 200W solar panel can run one of these units for most daylight hours. Even a basic 150-watt mini-fridge may keep the perishables cold 24/7 under the best solar conditions, which makes it a nice home power saver or independence from any grid electricity.


Blenders are also popular for making smoothies, soups and other blended foods. The power of a normal blender is between 300 to 600 watts, but only for short bursts of time. Throughout the day, you can have a blender power purified, as long as you space usage to provide system recharge during gaps, if one is implemented, based on the request of a 200W solar panel to power for these quick tasks. For example, running a 350-watt blender for 10 minutes will consume less than 60 watt-hours, a fraction of what a 200W panel can produce in direct sun.

Electric Kettles

Electric kettles are fast and useful at the beginning of the run, with most sporting between 1200 to 1500 watts of power, but running for short intervals of time. To include an electric kettle in a solar kitchen, a 200W panel with a balanced battery build would store this power over time. For example, potting a liter of water would take about 2–3 minutes in a 1500-watt kettle, requiring about 50 watt-hours of energy.

Coffee Makers

The morning is not a very strong coffee maker in the house. Normally, coffee makers are between 600 to 1200 watts as well, but they are intermittent loads as are electric kettles, so they can work on a solar setup with battery storage. For instance, a 900-watt coffee maker might make one pot in the time it takes to use 150 watt-hours of power, and a small 200W solar panel can cover that ground (over a day) to provide you enough power to enjoy a cup in the world without the grid.

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